Filing the tax return

If you have received the paper forms from the Belgian tax department, you can either fill in the declaration with the paper form or you can declare your income online.

  • You fill in the paper form which you have received and return it to the tax authorities by sending it in the brown enveloppe. If you did not have an income in Belgium, you can just fill in the date and sign the document before sending it.
    You complete the tax return online through the portal site Tax-on-Web (website in Dutch/French/German). You can login to the online tool by using your Belgian ID card and a card reader or a federal token.
    If you do not have a federal token, you can request it online or at a local registration office (check with your city hall).
  • If you did not receive a tax form, you may have received a proposal of simplified declaration (in Dutch: ‘voorstel van vereenvoudigde aangifte’). This letter contains a simulation of the tax you will have to pay or the tax that will be refunded to you.
    The calculation has been made by the tax administration based on the information the tax department already has about you.
    If you approve with this proposal, you do not have to do anything.
    If you do not approve with the proposal or the data which are given, you have to do the necessary corrections or adjustments either on the answer form, or via Tax-on-Web.

When you are not married or legally cohabiting, you file a tax return in your own name.
When you are married (and your partner is living with you in Belgium) or legally cohabiting in Belgium, you and your partner have to file a joint return.

In case you have children who are staying with you in Belgium, you have to fill in the number of children dependent on you.